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April Newsletter

Hello my Friends: There is a lot happening for me on the book front. First, The Mind Spins has had final edits and has advanced to the ARC (Advance Review Copy) stage. I am very pleased with the product, and I would be grateful if some of you got in touch with me or Lucinda Clark at P.R.A. Publishing for a free ARC copy in exchange for a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Goodreads or any other site. The second edition of Arctic Meltdown has had its final edits as well, and Black Opal Books, the publisher and I are getting ready to send out ARCs. I am also making good progress on the sequel, Arctic Inferno. With the imminent publication of my first short story collection and the rerelease of my very first thriller, I am pleased that my poetry continues to draw attention as well, especially since we are in the middle of poetry month. The manuscript of my fifth poetry collection, Poems for our World, is with a publisher, and several of the poems from that volume appeared in various places. In Vermont, PoemCity in Montpelier and the PoemTown festivities in both Randolph and St. Johnsbury are posting some of my poems in key locations in their communities, as is the Charles Danforth Library in Barnard. Five of my poems (Questions for us, My poems grow like a tree, What color was coral, Homo postcoronavirus and The nightmare of nihil) were recently published on Terror House Magazine (, which is worth checking out in its own right. My poem, Send an SOS out into space, has been selected for publication in Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Vol. 13 ( ) Three of my poems are now part of the Vermont Historical Society COVID-19 Archive - There is a great Podcast interview / You Tube video that Linda McHenry of The Writers' Voice was kind enough to do at - and Lisa Torney will be interviewing me for the Prolific Pulse Podcast / You Tube on May 11 - I am also deeply honored to be asked to judge the Charlie Norwood Veterans Association Poetry Contest this month. The poems I read this last week, mostly by abused female veterans, are emotionally searing and heart-wrenching. I will leave you with a poem from Poems for our World, appropriate for the season: Spring wakes up one morning Spring wakes up one morning and the world is renewed: the sun smiles on us as winter’s snow and ice melt, and earth molts its white coat, a snake shedding its skin, trees dress in bright colors for the summer season, creeks gush with melt water and nourishing rains pour, turning brown grass verdant, pink and yellow buds appear and blossom into leaves or multi-hued flowers, fiddleheads poke their pates above the dark topsoil, unseen peepers chirrup in transient vernal pools where ducks land to find food, robins nest in the eaves and lay their blue-green eggs— spring wakes up one morning and the world is renewed. My best to everyone, Geza


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