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Twisted Reasons (now available in paperback, audiobook and e-versions!)

ISBN-978-1-928049-12-8 (Amazon)


ISBN-978-1-928049-17-3 (Ingram)

​Publisher: Deux Voiliers Press


TWISTED REASONS, the first in a trilogy of international thrillers based on arms and human trafficking from a modern ‘rogue’ Russian state, is the tale of two college friends who get drawn into the heist of nuclear material from a former Soviet site. Arriving in Vienna to find his friend Adam Kallay, an official at the International Atomic Energy Agency, presumed dead, crime novelist Greg Martens teams up with Interpol Agent Anne Rossiter and Julia, Kallay’s Russian girlfriend, to solve the case and track the disappearance from a former Soviet nuclear site of enough uranium to make a bomb. The story moves from espionage entrepȏt Vienna to radioactivity contaminated Chelyabinsk and to front-line Georgia, as the three combat arms merchants allied to Russian secret police to prevent the stolen uranium from getting into the wrong hands. Along the way, Greg learns brutal truths about himself and his family.

Twisted Traffick (now available in paperback, audiobook and e-versions!)

ISBN: 978-1626947535


'Publisher: Black Opal Books


TWISTED TRAFFICK, the second book in the 'Twisted' trilogy is an international political thriller that examines the difficult topic of human trafficking from a rogue Russian state. Greg Martens and his wife, former Interpol agent Anne Rossiter, are called back to Vienna by Anne’s former boss at Interpol, since their beautiful Russian friend, Julia Saparova, who is now responsible for monitoring nuclear material at various sites in Russia, has disappeared. Afraid that the “merchants of evil” from the former Soviet Union, who are deeply involved in human trafficking, are behind Julia’s disappearance, the two head for Russia in an attempt to find her. As they search for Julia, Greg and Anne get drawn into a messy and disturbing web of human and arms trafficking that takes them first to Hungary and then to Montenegro in a desperate bid to rescue, not only Julia, but a group of girls trafficked from Chelyabinsk oblast as well—girls held hostage to facilitate a nuclear heist…


Twisted Fates (now available in paperback, audiobook and e-versions!)

ISBN: 978-1626949393


Publisher: Black Opal Books


TWISTED FATES, the third book in the 'Twisted' trilogy of international political thrillers, brings to a surprising head the struggles of Greg Martens, Anne Rossiter, Nicholas Labrecque and Julia Saparova against the Russian arms and human traffickers led by the evil Polyakov twins. The book has many twists and turns as the intrigue moves from Vienna to Russia to Greece to Dt. Pierre et Miquelon with a dramatic conflict in Maine and a thrilling close in Vermont and Vienna.


For the Children (now available in paperback and e-versions!)



Publisher: Editions Dedicaces


FOR THE CHILDREN is a narrative memoir that tells the story of my family's escape from Hungary and immigration to Canada in 1956. This is a gripping tale of bravery and the will to survive and achieve a better life in a free country, told from the viewpoint of a seven year old. The story is particularly relevant today when immigration everywhere is being viewed as a negative force, and a resurgent post-Communist Russia is causing problems in neighboring countries. It is time to remind ourselves of the struggles of the past, and of how difficult it is for some to attain peace and freedom, and a safe and happy life for their children. The book was conceived as the first in a trilogy of narrative memoirs: all three intended books are true stories of escape attempts I was involved in during the Cold War. 

Cello's Tears (now available in paperback and e-versions!)



P.R.A. Publishing


CELLO’S TEARS is a collection of eighty-three poems written over the years in many different countries. Most are an exploration of the translation of meaning and emotion from different languages and other art forms into varied styles and genres of poetry in English. Some experiment with language, deconstructing words to enhance the message, while in others, unconventional word use attempts to do the same. The underlying theme is the difficulty of completely and properly translating feelings or thoughts into words. All the poems touch on the human condition and the angst and beauty of existence.


See what Abriana Jetté, poet and professor at St. John's University and City College of New York and editor of THE BEST EMERGING POETS OF 2013 has to say about some of the poems in CELLO'S TEARS.


Arctic Meltdown - 2nd Edition - (now available in paperback, audiobook and e-versions!)




Publisher: Black Opal Books


Arctic Meltdown is a thriller set against the backdrop of the melting polar icecap and the ensuing jostling for jurisdiction over seabed resources. Hanne Kristensen, a beautiful Danish geologist, has to contend with a corrupted UN process, Chinese and Russian aggression and the resulting international tension to try to save the world from war and the Arctic from environmental catastrophe.



The Expo Affair



Publisher: Guernica Editions / MiroLand Imprint 

                 Amazon (


The Expo Affair is a narrative memoir of international intrigue and romance that took place in the exotic setting of Expo70 in Osaka, Japan. As a host at the Ontario Pavilion, the author was approached by three Czechoslovak hostesses who wanted to defect to Canada. Notables such as former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, External Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp and General George Kitching play a role, as do individuals who have since become prominent in Canada as businessmen, artists and ambassadors.


Sighs and Murmurs 

ISBN -978-1941416129

Publisher: P.R.A. Publishing

My second collection of poems, written in many different countries at many different times in my life, these poems examine existential themes with beautiful, expressive language and images.


The Waffle and the Pancake 

ISBN 9781988440231

Publisher Bayeux Arts Publishing

This is a whimsical take-off on the Brothers Grimm  Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.  When out picking berries for their sick mother in the forest, Alexandra and Nicholas get lost and are chased by a wicked witch. Their shouts wake the friendly giant, Borbas, who comes to their rescue. But there is a lot more fun and scary stuff you and your children or grandchildren will enjoy....

Front Cover-8.jpg

Rainbow Vintner - (now available in paperback, audiobook and e-versions!)
ISBN 978-1644370834
Publisher: Black Opal Books

In this international political thriller, published on February 16th, Morgan Kenworthy—a Berkeley student studying abroad and a guest of the de Carduzacs, family friends who have a chateau in St. Émilion in France—uncovers a coup against the government of France. Soon after she arrives, a bombing at the Brassault Aviation plant kills several ministers. The investigation, led by General Tolbert, the head of French intelligence and friend of Joseph de Carduzac, points to jihadists. However, clues Morgan unearths about Joseph’s past suggest that the two blew up the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in 1985 and committed other nefarious acts while serving President Mitterand. After another explosion, killing most of the cabinet, Tolbert announces that he is in charge. As General Tolbert suspects she knows about the plots, Morgan’s life and the life of her lover, Alex, Joseph’s stepson, are in danger. Morgan tries to leave Europe for the US but is thwarted, and Alex is captured by the general’s thugs. Now the two must rely on their wits, and their friends, for survival until they can convince the French Government who the real criminals are…


The Fencers - (now available in paperback and e-versions!)
ISBN 978-1928049531
Deux Voiliers Publishing

This memoir (the third in the Cold War Escape trilogy) tells the story of my friend, Paul Szabó, a Romanian-Hungarian fencer who approached me to help him defect at the Montreal 1976 Olympics where I represented Canada on the epée team. This is a true story of courage and friendship, love and happiness, success and ultimately tragedy. TPaul is now a successful psychologist in Toronto and although neither of us fences anymore, we are still great friends. HE FENCERS was published in early March 2019.

EXTINCTION Final Cover.png


ISBN 978-1941416198

P.R.A. Publishing

These poems confront our human ultimate concerns of Mother Earth, life, love, death, and the meaning of existence. There are doomsday poems, an unmistakable wake-up call, if not already too late, and poems on the beauty of our cosmos along with the fleeting joys of love open to being husband, father, and grandfather. This book makes it clear where Geza is coming from, where he is going, why, and his wonderful, compact poems demonstrate what poetry is and ought to be.

Extinction Rebellion Cover.jpg

Extinction Rebellion
ISBN 978-9390202324

The poems in this volume are a call to action for mankind to recognize the destruction it has been wreaking on nature and on other species.  Some of these poems dwell on the threat of extinction of many forms of life, including eventually, ours -- unless we change our ways. Others treat the dangers threatening mankind from climate change and related concerns, such as the coronavirus pandemic.s demonstrate what poetry is and ought to be. These poems need to be read and reread -- they are intense, musical and very appropriate for the times we are living.

(FRONT AND EBOOK COVER) The_Mind_Spins_1600x2500 copy 2 (1)_edited.jpg

The Mind Spins - (now available in paperback and e-versions!)
ISBN 978-1941416266
P.R.A. Publishing

My first short story collection, this book contains thirteen tales, six written in a fully conscious state, based on critical social issues or personal concerns, and seven based on dreams written down after waking. Hence, the volume is an examination of how the mind creates in both its waking and dreaming states. The stories are varied and entertaining and well worth a read.

The Abyss (1).png

The Abyss
ISBN 978-1928049579
Deux Voiliers Publishing

My fifth poetry collection, many of these poems too celebrate the beauty of the world and other forms of life around us, and deeply lament how we are spoiling and endangering this with our consumption-oriented lifestyle. These poems stir our souls while at the same time sounding the alarm about the state of the world.

AI.Cover2.12.23 (1).jpg

Arctic Inferno

IISBN 978-1960050120

Black Opal Books

In this timely and gripping sequel to ARCTIC MELTDOWN, the heroine, Hanne Kristensen, the beautiful Danish geologist appointed Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources for the newly independent Greenland, has to maneuver through a wave of setbacks to foil both a Chinese attempt to control Greenland's natural resources and a more aggressive Russian attempt to gain hegemony over the sparsely populated fledgling country as well as to save her friend, the ousted Premier of Russia, Pavel Laptov. Her suitor, Canadian diplomat Richard Simpson, aids her in this process as well as in the design and signing of a new and more environmentally focused Arctic Treaty to save the region from complete environmental catastrophe. 


"Beastie" Poems

ISBN 978-9390202324


This wonderful collection of poems celebrates the forms of animate life around us that we are endangering with our consumption-oriented lifestyle. Some have appeared in my previous five collections, and I brought these together with several unpublished ones to create this volume and included a couple of poems at the beginning and the end that deride what we are doing to our fellow beings—driving them to extinction—but also cry out for a new beginning.

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