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Moved at the Woodstock Reading

I did a presentation of, and reading from, FOR THE CHILDREN and CELLO’S TEARS, my two recently published books at the wonderful Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock, Vermont on July 1st. The turnout was excellent, and I am grateful to the Library and those in attendance for their support.

What was very uplifting for me was that two young ladies in their teens walked in with an accompanying adult and listened to my talk and reading spellbound. Afterwards, I engaged them in conversation, and the lady with whom the girls were told me that they were from a youth camp for teens who had recently lost a parent, and that it was one of the girls who had seen the poster advertising the event who had insisted they come. This young lady wrote poetry, and had found a poem I read entitled On My Mother’s Death, particularly moving. This is the poem:

On My Mother’s Death

(Her name was Lily)

Only raw pain and tears,

a lonesome emptiness,

linger to desecrate

deified memories

of untouchable love,

a mother’s selflessness.

Suffering orphans now,

we curse a perverse god

who dared crush the perfect

lily that was your life.

The other young lady, as it turned out, had a family connection to Hungary and had found the readings from FOR THE CHILDREN, the story of my family’s escape from Communist Hungary in 1956 poignant. She resolved to delve more deeply into her family’s history.

It is moments like these that make writing and associated events such as presentations, readings and signings rewarding and worthwhile. I will try to arrange many more in the hopes that other young folk will come in off the streets and be inspired.

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