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TATRANEWS - November Newsletter

Hello my Friends:

The holidays are fast approaching and it is time for good cheer all around. Indeed, I have some good news to report and some exciting upcoming events to tell about.

First, I am very pleased that my short story collection, The Mind Spins, has been published and is now available on Amazon and other sites or for order by your local bookstore from Ingram. The book is divided into two parts, Awake and Dreaming, with some short stories created in a waking reality, others based on dreams. As such, it is a thrilling examination into how the mind creates stories.

Secondly, I have been pressing ahead on getting my thrillers into audio formats. Two -- Twisted Reasons and Arctic Meltdown -- are already available on Audiobooks, Amazon or ACX, and the next two -- Twisted Traffick and Rainbow Vintner -- are soon to appear in this format. i am very fortunate to be working with first class readers for all of these.

I am delighted that on December 1, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST, I will be the featured presenter on "What Inspires the Mind to Create?" at a First Wednesday online event hosted by the Vermont Humanities Council and the Brownell Library. You can register for this free event at:

I will be drawing on my writings in different genres -- poetry, memoir, thriller, short stories -- to explore this topic. Particularly relevant, of course, is The Mind Spins, which, as mentioned, is an exploration of the mind's creativity in its awake and dreaming states. I hope many of you will sign up for this discussion.

On Monday, January 24, 2022 at 6:30 pm the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier will be hosting me for a talk on "Writing & Climate Change" where I will be featuring much of my recent poetry that focuses on climate change as well as several of my thrillers that were written against the backdrop of some of the huge environmental issues we are facing. I will circulate the link for this in my next Newsletter. I hope that some of you will be able to join this program as well.

To my American friends, I wish a very happy Thanksgiving. I will leave you with a poignant poem I wrote around last year's Thanksgiving Day, as much of it, unfortunately, is still very relevant.

What can we give thanks for

(Thanksgiving Day, 2020)

What can we give thanks for

when the virus rages

killing friends and loved ones

decimating mankind

What can we give thanks for

when the climate changes

bringing on floods and fires

and we are the culprits

What can we give thanks for

when fascists gain power

destroy democracy

as we delude ourselves

What can we give thanks for

when brother kills brother

because his skin is black

racism lives on in us

What can we give thanks for

only the shared moments

the touch of a loved one

the beauty of nature

What can we give thanks for

it is all too fleeting

we all return to dust

will our world die with us?

Till next month, my very best wishes, stay safe and enjoy family and friends,



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