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TATRANEWS -January Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends: The New Year is upon us, and we are all still dealing with the dreaded virus. Nevertheless, I hope your holidays were spent rejoicing with family and friends and that 2022 will bring us all health, happiness and success. Looking forward, it is cracking up to be a good year for my writing and publishing endeavors. First, I am pleased to say I now have an agent! Lucinda Clark, the head of P.R.A. Publishing, has now taken on the agency role, as she has lots of contacts in the film and foreign publishing worlds, as well as, of course, in the USA. I am hoping that she will help get some of my books and / or stories into the film and translation markets, as well as help my marketing efforts. Two more of my thrillers, Twisted Fates and Rainbow Vintner, are in the process of being made into audiobooks with the help of two excellent readers, and once they are completed sometime in March, all five of my novels will be available in that format. The other three, Twisted Reasons, Twisted Traffick and Arctic Meltdown are already available in audio format on Amazon, ACX or Audiobooks. I am also hoping to keep to my self-imposed schedule of publishing two books a year. My fifth poetry collection, Poems for our World, is ready and is currently being sent to publishers. I am also working on Arctic Inferno, the sequel to Arctic Meltdown, and hope to have it ready to send to publishers end-March / beginning-April. I am very pleased that I was able keep to the schedule last year with the successful release by P.R.A. Publishing of my first story collection, The Mind Spins, in November, and the rerelease of an updated second edition of Arctic Meltdown by Black Opal Books in August. I have two upcoming events, the first one an online presentation sponsored by the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier VT on January 24th at 6:30PM EDT on the subject of Writing and Climate Change. I will use poems from my last two published collections. Extinction and Extinction Rebellion as well as the unpublished one, Poems for our World, and by thrillers, especially Arctic Meltdown to illustrate the topic.You can join by registering at: And for Poetry Month, on April 4th I am honored to be joining up with two luminaries in the Vermont poetry world, Poetry Society of Vermont Past President George Longenecker and current President Bianca Amira Zanella to read our poems on Monday April 4 at 7PM EDT, courtesy again of the Kellogg-Hubbard Public Library and Montpelier's Poem City celebrations. I will provide the link in later editions of this newsletter. January has been declared Human Trafficking Prevention Month by the US Attorney General, so to honor that, I will donate any royalties I get from sales during the month of all three editions (paperback, e-book, audiobook) of Twisted Traffick, (my novel about the Russian mafia trafficking women in the West) to the Victim to Thriver Project, which aims to help women start a new life after escaping this horrific fate. As has become my normal practice, I will leave you with a poem appropriate for the season, this one from my very first published collection, Cello's Tears: Hoarfrost Crystalline fronds of hoar etch the pane, refracting the morning’s first stray rays that venture to enter this dank space: but day dawns, like love: rays fructify, and the warmth, the warmth of the sun’s smile pierces the wintry crust, irradiating it, consuming its cancer, and bestowing the glow of life once again on a dark and dead room― my soul. Hope you can curl up with a good book in front of a fire. My very best wishes for 2022! Geza


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