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TATRANEWS - June Newsletter

Hello Friends: This is my next newsletter since the April one: I will space them out more from now on, unless I have something significant to report. Indeed, the last few months I have been working hard on trying to finish Arctic inferno, the sequel to Arctic Meltdown. I am putting the finishing touches on the manuscript and am aiming to get it published later this year so that it will be available for the holidays. Also coming out very soon (probably next month is what we are targeting now) is my fifth poetry collection, Poems for our World. My short story collection, The Mind Spins, my most recent release, is now available in e-book format for free for one week only at, and I just noticed that Amazon is discounting the paperback by 69% to $5.89 in the USA. So act fast and get this fun little volume that explores how the mind creates in a conscious and a dreaming state through the short story genre. Also, I have just approved the final version of the audiobook format of my thriller, Rainbow Vintner, read by a wonderful young actress, Hannah Hamel, and again this will be available on Amazon, through ACX or Audible, but if you drop me a line I can send a coupon for a free review copy (I would appreciate a review in return though!) I had the pleasure of reading some of my poetry a week or so ago at my fiftieth Harvard Reunion (delayed by one year because of COVID) with some excellent poets. Here is one of the poems I read, this one from my fourth collection, Extinction Rebellion. Crepuscular shadows Crepuscular shadows cavort on the wall, pirouetting in a ballet of rot choreographed by Emperor Nero, Caligula and leaders of their ilk, who fiddle as wildfires scorch mother earth and floods and storms ravage our sustenance. These kings are self-centered, and like Midas, give all to get gold to add to their hoards and pursue perverse, illicit pleasures, while drought destroys our crops, our children starve, our trails and roads become raging rivers and our homes and cities are washed away. What future is there for my grandchildren? What hope is there for human life on earth? Enjoy the summer and some good reads! Geza


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