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TATRANEWS - May Newsletter

Hello my Friends: Summer is almost upon us and with it some good news too! Not only does it seem that we are nearing the end of COVID, but the publishing industry is coming alive again. We have a release date for the updated second edition of Arctic Meltdown, August 28, which gives time for reviews of the ARCs (Advance Review Copies) to flow in from important services and authors who have agreed to provide a review. If any of you are interested, the ARCs are available now, so please get in touch and we will send a free PdF in return for a review. For the same reason, we have pushed back the release date for my first short story collection, The Mind Spins, to October. The ARC is just being finalized by P.R.A. Publishing and will be ready to be sent very soon. If you like to purchase paperbacks on Amazon, several of my books are available there at a significant discount (Twisted Fates, The Fencers, and Extinction Rebellion) so now is the time to get them for your summer reading or as gifts! Go to: I was interviewed by poet and blogger Lisa Tomey for The Prolific Pulse Blog. You can catch this at or at Thanks, Lisa, for a great interview! In my last Newsletter, I mentioned that I had been asked to judge the Charlie Norwood Veterans Association Poetry Contest for poetry by abused female vets. I read many wonderful truly heartfelt, emotionally wrenching poems, and then at the end of April in an online session to honor the winners, listened to some of these amazing women read their own very personal work. An experience I hope I will be asked to repeat! I have been cooking up some presentations / readings with several entities, The Vermont Humanities Organization among them, and looking at participating in some book festivals both in the US and internationally. But more on all this later. I will say goodbye for now with this poem from Extinction, appropriate for the season as we approach summer: The Dragonfly I found a dragonfly lazing on our screen door: a Great Blue Skimmer spreading its filigree wings, flaunting its dazzling long lapis abdomen soaking up the warming rays of the noonday sun oblivious to its Jurassic ancestry I wonder: will my friend’s descendants still be here one hundred and fifty million years from now, as we disrupt the equilibrium of earth, insect outliving cocky Homo sapiens, the destructive devil of the Anthropocene Enjoy the warming weather, stay safe and well, and read! Geza


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