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August 2017 Newsletter

Hello, my friends, readers, fans, acquaintances. Several of you have been gracious enough over the last few months to suggest that I start a newsletter focusing mainly on my books, publishers, readings, signing and other book events, as well as more generally any news worth commenting on. I am finally finding the time to do this, and a big thank you to all of you who will read my newsletter. I will try to send these once a month.

The big news for me is that this fall, I will have at least two new books coming out!

First, TWISTED TRAFFICK, the second novel in the ‘Twisted’ trilogy of international crime thrillers will be released on October 7 by Black Opal Books. This takes the protagonists of TWISTED REASONS, the first book—Greg Martens, an American author and Anne Rossiter, his former Interpol agent wife— and tracks their search for a friend, Julia Saparova, who has disappeared while working for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. The kidnappers turn out to be the same ‘merchants of evil’ who stole nuclear material from Mayak, a former Soviet atomic site in the first book, and who are running a human trafficking ring, selling young women from Eastern Europe and Russia for sex.

I have also signed a contract with Black Opal Books to publish the third book in the trilogy, TWISTED FATES. While each book stands on its own, I recommend reading TWISTED REASONS first as it brings the reader into this murky and very real underworld of the Russian mafia. These thrillers are based on lots of research and are set against a very real historical backdrop; I also weave some of my own family’s story into them.

The second book that will be published still this year, in November, is another collection of my poems. SIGHS AND MURMURS. This will be brought out by P.R.A. Publishing, the firm that also published my first poetry volume, CELLO’S TEARS. Many thanks to Lucinda Clark, the head of P.R.A. for her support; she is also instrumental in featuring not just my poetry books but also the thrillers and memoirs at the Decatur Book Fest in Atlanta on September 1-3.

One more thing: I will be reading poetry on September 7, at 5:30 pm at the Recite Poetry Event at Café MonVert in Woodstock VT. Please come!

There will be lots more news in the next newsletters, as many of my projects are coming to fruition. I hope to be announcing the upcoming publication of a children’s storybook, another thriller and the third memoir in the Cold War Escape series, so stay tuned.

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