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Hello friends, Today -- EARTH DAY -- is a very important one, since it focuses our concern about the world around us and all the living beings that inhabit it. Yesterday, I watched the very recent documentary David Attenborough made for the BBC and I highly encourage all of you to devote an hour to this mindboggling film. You can stream it from YouTube at: It brought home to me in vivid terms how critical our situation is and what needs to be done, and, that despite everything, there is still hope, provided we act now. It is a call to action that we all must heed. I am happy to see that one of my small contributions to bringing this urgency to the fore, my new poetry volume, EXTINCTION, was just published by P.R.A. Publishing. It would be wonderful if you had this little booklet on your coffee tables or where anybody could pick it up and read a couple of the poems that talk about this burning issue. Or give it as a gift to friends. In any case, I hope on this EARTH DAY, we all try to figure out how we can contribute to saving our planet, our sibling species and ourselves. Wishing you a thoughtful and happy EARTH DAY, Geza

EXTINCTION is available at: Barnes & Noble in paperback as well as e-versions and Amazon should have the print version soon -- e-book is already available -- also bookstores can order it through Ingram.

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