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TATRANEWS - September Newsletter

Hello Friends: After a glorious summer in Vermont, it is back to work although a few travel plans will no doubt get in the way. Nevertheless, I am in the process of readying my first collection of short stories for publication and am also working on another volume of poetry, Extinction II. The former will include the two short stories which were just published in an anthology of stories by Canadian authors, The Marginal Ride (Deux Voiliers Publishing), as well as many others. The poems in Extinction II will largely focus on what we are doing to the world around us, to other species and to ourselves, as was the case with Extinction, my previous collection. I wanted to signal that Amazon is offering paperback editions of several of my books at deep discounts this fall so this is an excellent time to purchase them for yourselves or as presents for the holidays. To see for yourselves, go to

For my Vermont friends, I will be doing a presentation at the beautiful Kimball Library in Randolph on Thursday, December 12th at 6:00 pm. My talk will focus on my three memoirs (For the Children, The Expo Affair and The Fencers) including how these experiences influenced my thrillers and poetry. Also, I am very pleased to report that my good friend and fellow poet, Peter Fox Smith will read a couple of my other poems from Extinction along with some of his own great poetry at Recite! at the Norman Williams Public Library at 5:30 pm on October 1. Thank you, Peter! As in recent past Newsletters, I will leave you with a poem, this one also from Extinction.

Fallen Leaves

fallen leaves tango in the street

with whirling dust that tears the eyes,

rustle with the strains of the wind,

announcing the advent of fall

and I shiver as I follow

in their wake toward the winter

from which there is no more waking Enjoy your fall reading, Geza

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