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August Newsletter

Hello my friends: The summer is beautiful here in Vermont and it is difficult to comprehend the trauma the country is going through because of the pandemic and the failure of political leadership. Nevertheless, I hope you are all staying safe and well and able to be with loved ones and friends. My writing endeavors continue to move forward in spite of the pandemic and I am pleased to say that my fourth poetry collection, Extinction Rebellion, was published last month by Cyberwit, an international publisher of poetry and has had several positive reviews. For one, see: The collection is available on Amazon at: I also talk about this and some of my other books, including Twisted Reasons, and the Twisted trilogy of thrillers, in a recent interview on Chat and Spin Radio which you can listen to at: My section begins after the sixth peaked area on the visual on Tuesday 28th July Evening & Late Show (Part 1). I have been working with Lucinda Clark, the head of P.R.A. Publishing, who has agreed to publish my first collection of short stories, The Mind Spins, which should see the light of day in the next month or so. The rerelease of the updated paperback second edition of my very first e-thriller, Arctic Meltdown, by Black Opal Books, is also envisaged for later this year and I am already working on the sequel, Arctic Inferno. So fans of Hanne, the beautiful Danish geologist, I hope you are ready for some more action-packed adventure in a conflict-ridden, melting Arctic! As always, I will leave my readers with a poem, again one from Extinction Rebellion. It is no doubt something we are all wondering about. Questions of the Virus With travel so risky will our children ever  come and see us again? Will we be together to celebrate Christmas,  or each other’s birthdays, Will all our grandchildren come and swim in our pond, play soccer on our lawn, Will they have memories of fun shared times with us, the laughter, all the joy? Or will the vile virus work to diminish us, forbid the human touch that says, I love you son, my daughter, my grandchild— will it banish the smile  of happiness at being 

with those you love the most? Read lots of books and enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay safe and well. Geza


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