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December Newsletter

Hello my Friends: I did not want to let the season pass without wishing everyone happy holidays and lots of joy in the Hew Year. We all need it after the difficult 2020 that is luckily coming to an end in a few days. Things are looking up indeed with the vaccines starting to be distributed worldwide and a new administration forming in the USA that hopefully will tackle climate change, continued rampant racial injustice, the various ongoing conflicts etc. plaguing this country and the world. It is beautiful and sunny now here in Vermont, with two feet of newly fallen snow sugaring the ground and the trees, which helps fill one with hope. Sadly, Marcia and I are spending the holidays without friends and loved ones this year, given the stringent lockdown asked of Vermont residents. Our children and grandchildren are in San Francisco and Nairobi, so Christmas and New Year's celebrations, alas, will be with remote hugs. No doubt, many of you are in a similar situation, and our heart goes out to you. Not much to report on the writing front, as I am still waiting for my publishers to bring out my short story collection, The Mind Spins, and the rerelease of my first thriller, Arctic Meltdown. I am making good progress though on a fifth poetry collection, Poems for our World, and the sequel to Arctic Meltdown, Arctic Inferno. So 2021 is cracking up to be a bumper year with the possible release of four new books, (but I won't count my chickens until they are hatched)!

You may be interested in a very recent interview of mr by Mandy Jackson-Beverly on THE BOOKSHOP PODCAST -- it is the second half of a great pod post that includes an interview of the owners of THE YANKEE BOOKSHOP in Woodstock VT.

Here's the link:

It is a time for gift giving, so I will leave you with a poem from my fourth collection, Extinction Rebellion, published this July, appropriate for the season and the times we are living. The Nutcracker It’s Christmas Eve, a roaring fire, but instead of Clara’s dream world of Drosselmeier’s Nutcracker who defeats a rodent army led by the Mouse King in battle, then turns into a handsome prince to take her to the Land of Sweets ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy, my dream is of a healthy world a world where we can breathe clean air and drink unpolluted water, where we all get enough to eat, where civilians are not bombed and there is no war, no killing— but I know there is no such world and there never will be again. Happy holidays to all, and (in spite of the gloomy ending to the poem) here's to a fabulous 2021! Geza


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