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January Newsletter

Dear Friends: We are living in troubled times: COVID is still raging, vaccine distribution is slow and the US is confronting its political nightmare. But Vermont is seeing another major snowfall, with a foot and a half of the beautiful white stuff descending and sugaring the trees and the land. Magic to look at, but work to shovel. This is a good time to bury ourselves in a good book, either reading one or writing one. I am doing both now, working on a fifth poetry collection (Poems for our World) and my sixth thriller, (working title: Arctic Inferno), the sequel to Arctic Meltdown, of which a second edition will be coming out soon aa well. I am also doing reviews for the New York Journal of Books, which keeps me busy on the reading front, and my review of 13 Days to Die by Matt Miksa, a gripping thriller about a pandemic, will be posted soon. For those of you looking for good reads to distract yourself, if you haven't already, you might wish to consider some of my books, for example Rainbow Vintner, a fun thriller about a right wing extremist coup in France, or the 'Twisted' trilogy, starting with Twisted Reasons, then Twisted Traffick and lastly, Twisted Fates. All are available on Amazon and other sites, or for order via your local bookstore. Or iisten to The Bookshop Podcast, with the wonderful interview of the owners of The Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock VT, followed by Mandy Jackson-Beverly's interview of me. Mandy is a great interviewer, and I am grateful to her for her podcast. Catch it here: Also, I was very pleased that the Life in Quarantine Project picked up 11 of my Poems for a Pandemic published originally in Extinction Rebellion. See them here: With Lucinda Clark at P.R.A. Publishing, we are now targeting April for release of my short story collection, The Mind Spins. I will be keen on feedback from my friends on this book, since roughly half of the stories are based on dreams that I managed to capture and write down, while the other half is comprised of stories written fully in a waking state, some with a social message. The idea was to contrast the mind's creativity in its waking versus its dream state. I hope we can all get the anti-COVID vaccine soon -- in the meantime, stay safe and well. Geza P.S. Here is a poem for the season (from Extinction, published by P.R.A. Publishing) -- I was just out in my Sorels, shoveling the snow! Pristine snowflakes … Pristine snowflakes float from a gray sky, blanketing the world in nuptial white: bedecked in my Sorels, I step outside and violate this virginal landscape crushing crystals, churning up dirt and stones, turning the frozen natural order of the microcosm where my boots alight into liquefying, heaving anarchy the big question, as my boots crunch along: will the next snowfall restore this beauty?


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