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March Newsletter

Hello Friends: A lot of good news to report, not least that the vaccines are starting to push the virus back and spring is arriving, even here in snowy Vermont. Yes, Marcia and I are getting the second dose of the Moderna vaccine tomorrow! Lots of good news on the book front too, since the last Newsletter, with podcasts, videos and events to tell about and share. First, Linda McHenry did a wonderful interview with me about my books for The Writer's Voice Podcast. Here is the link to view the YouTube version: Second, courtesy of the Kimball Public Library in Randolph VT, on March 10, I was hosted by Lynne Gately to do a ZOOM presentation and reading with the title of Poetry on Climate Change. We have a forty-seven minute video of this which you can see on my website ( or I would be happy to send to you if you get in touch. Third, on March 13, we had a terrific session with my old Harvard fencing friends, courtesy of the Friends of Harvard Fencing. I am grateful that my memoir, The Fencers, was featured by the organizers. This session, too, can be made available for anyone interested. On March 17, I will be taking about, and reading from, my poetry via ZOOM to four classes of Grade 9 students at the Woodstock Union High School. This was arranged by Michelle Fountain, the English Department Chair, and I am grateful to her for this opportunity to bring my poetry and my message about climate change to these wonderful students. Lastly, with Lucinda Clark at P.R.A. Publishing we are getting close to publishing my short story collection, The Mind Spins. I have posted on Facebook and Twitter to seek input for the final version of the cover. I would be grateful for your vote on one of the three choices. Here are the links where you can vote, or you can just send me a note directly:

And just to close, as usual, I offer one of my poems, a haiku: The inspired mind spins a thought into a story, or at night, a dream Stay well, get the vaccine as soon as you can, and enjoy your reading, Geza


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