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TATRANEWS - August Newsletter

Dear Friends:

The beautiful summer days of August are here. Despite COVID, we have had visits (careful ones) by friends and family, including lovely times with children and grandchildren. We feel though that we are in a bubble here with so much of the world burning with wildfires or being inundated with floods. Climate change is truly upon us and unfortunately there is still lots of denial around.

The second updated edition of Arctic Meltdown will be released in print and e-book formats on August 28th. It is already up on Amazon for pre-release, so you can order it now at:

I am also working on an audio version of it with a terrific reader, Tom Briggs, for release sometime in October.

Thriller International is doing an article on this very topical book for its September issue, so do watch out for it!

I have also had lots of fun working on an audio version of my first thriller, Twisted Reasons, read by a great New York based actor, Brad Holbrook, and I am very pleased with the result. We will have this ready by early September, and I highly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoy this process, so I shall be working on audio versions of all my books during the next year or so.

My short story collection, The Mind Spins, is moving toward release in October / November and so far we are getting rave reviews. There is even interest from some quarters in film versions of some of the stories. All very exciting!

With the Olympics over, I am pleased to report that The Fencers, my memoir of the 1976 Montreal Olympics and the defection of my friend and fellow fencer Paul Szabó to Canada has had terrific reception and I have received lots of kudos for it. It is a wonderful story of youthful courage, tragedy and ultimately happiness and a new life.

I continue to write poetry, much of it focused on my main concern, climate change. Here is a recent one:

Satanic wolves

Satanic wolves cavort on my mother,

gnaw at her flesh, drink of her blood,

hooves prancing wildly on Gaia—

the witches’ cauldron of human waste,

the debris of a warmed-up world,

empties on her ailing corpus.

Can we still save our mother earth,

or will she perish with mankind?

Enjoy what's left of the summer, with lots of good reads!



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