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TATRANEWS - June / July Newsletter

Dear Friends: End of June, beginning of July: summer is upon us with warm weather (some would say too hot, certainly in some parts of the world being ravaged by climate change) and lots of family get-togethers, now that most of us are vaccinated. July 1st is Canada Day, July 4th Independence Day in th USA, so happy national day to all my friends in those countries. On the book front, the second, updated edition of Arctic Meltdown will be released by Black Opal Books very soon and will be up on on Amazon and other sites for pre-order, so please keep a lookout for it. Several very favorable reviews have come in already. We will be starting work on an audiobook version of it as soon as it is up on these sites. I am also making good progress on the sequel, Arctic Inferno, to be published next year. Speaking of audiobooks, the audio version of Twisted Reasons should be ready by the end of August, and we will follow on with the other two thrillers in the Twisted trilogy. My short story collection, The Mind Spins, has been generating a lot of pre-release buzz thanks to Lucinda Clark, the CEO at my publisher, P.R.A. Publishing, who has put it out for film and possible translation and publishing in other languages. Again, we will have it up on relevant sites for pre-order, so please watch out for it. I would like to leave you with a season appropriate poem, this one from my first collection, Cello's Tears, which was also my first collaboration with P.R.A. Publishing. Frogs in the Pond in the late spring gelatinous frogspawn floats in the pond: undulating streamers of eggs extruded by the female frog Marcia my wife attacks them with a rake pulling them out to dry in the hot sun against my son’s and my loud objections but she gives up: the task is too daunting and she will not defeat evolution, many escape and stay to the next stage a few weeks go by and in the water myriads of tadpoles swim and frolic among the one or two occasional humans the next time we come there is breaking news: a royal family of handsome frogs inhabit the rocks and mud by the pond hunting flies, mosquitoes and other vermin metamorphosis has transpired: herbivore has become carnivore, prey is now predator I skim the surface swimming lazily and see four pairs of frog eyes watching me carefully from under their rocky ledge, gold dusted eyebrows crowning emerald green bodies: king, queen, prince and princess frog Enjoy the summer, reading outdoors or at the beach, Geza


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